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Because we live in a time unlike any other
This Is An Agency Like No Other

Constantly Disrupted. Individually Empowered. Magically enchanted with new ideas via tech platforms at the intersection of 5G, Web3, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Currency and the cultural narratives that fuel those platforms.

Lnk is an Innovation Strategy Consulting Agency and Media Studio fostering reach and connection via concept marketing with ventures integrating popular culture & entertainment with emerging tech for the new Gen Z and Millennial mindset


Helping link the public and private sector with Gen Z and Millennial demographics in the new physical and virtual era.

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/liNGk/ Definition:

Noun. A relationship between two things or situations, esp. where one thing affects the other.



  • Ideation

    Emerging tech Consulting/Ideation

  • Cultural Intelligence

    Cultural Intelligence

  • Ideation

    Pop Culture Communication Strategy Development

  • Beacon/Digital Content Development

    Content Branding & Development

  • Live &; Taped Event Production

    Live & Taped Event Production, Multi-Screen Distribution Opportunities

  • Entertainment Industry Strategy & Introductions

    Entertainment Industry Strategy & Partnerships

  • Beacon Database Construction

    Media Consulting & Copywriting Services


Our CEO recently partnered with the much-loved Neuehouse members-only club and co-working space to produce an event entitled "Emerging Tech & Entertainment." Lauren brought together thought-leaders from UTA, IBM, Rolling Stone, and more to help the audience better understand how to leverage key emerging tech elements to create more revenue streams and reach more consumers in the entertainment industry.
View the event recap in a unique magazine format created on the new platform, MobiMag.


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Collectively our team has over 20 years of experience working with such organizations and projects affiliated with notables including:

Co-Producers of Snoop Dogg’s inaugural virtual concert
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    Universal Music Group
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    Sony Pictures
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    20th Century Fox
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    The Roots
  • Wu Tang Clan
    Wu Tang Clan
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    Recording artist/Entrepreneur Jay-Z
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    Music legend/activist, Chuck D
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    Leading Hollywood Trade Media
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    Film producer/writer Judd Apatow
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    Non-Profit, Diabetes Awareness
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    Non-Profit, Conflict Minerals For Tech Usage
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    Non-Profit, Youth
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    Los Angeles Food Coalition
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    Supply Chain Management
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    Multi-City Digital Conferences
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    U.N High Commissioner On Refugees
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    IT Trade Association
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    Consumer Packaged Goods
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    Video App & Cryptocurrency Platform
  • logo Advertising week
    Global Conference and Media Outlet
  • logo Stasis Euro Stablecoin
    Euro Stablecoin
  • logo booz-allen-hamilton
    Booz | Allen | Hamilton
  • logo Western Digital
    Data technology products
  • logo SRAX
    Blockchain branded currency app
  • logo P&G
    Multinational CPG company
  • logo Hilton
    Hilton Hotel Brands
  • logo Hilton
    Global Creative Communications Agency
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