What You Need To Know About The Next Big, Scary Move In Robots

What You Need To Know About The Next Big, Scary Move In Robots

Perhaps leading innovation expert Alec Ross explains it best in his book, The Industries Of The Future. In this work he explains that robot adoption rate in U.S. culture is slow based on a deep fear of a potential "threat of humanity creating things we cannot control." He gives examples throughout Western literature from Icarus right up to Dr. Frankenstein that have reinforced such beliefs. And while some might think that Millennials might be beyond such thought, it seems that the mindset is so pervasive over generations, that even this demographic might have hesitation based on subconscious messaging from early years. However Ross demonstrates that the same such fear does not pervade Eastern culture to the same extent and that robots are actually seen in a much more positive light as something that can provide support and assistance. Thus, only time will tell if we'll see such things as fleets of robots throughout your average building in the U.S. But if QIHAN has its way, any fears will be overcome.

"We see a massive opportunity in the U.S. as the market continues to usher in new use cases from security to retail and telepresence," says Wu. "As robotic features advance, including cameras, sensors and AI, interacting with robots will become the norm, much like the introduction of social media and the on-demand economy have transformed our lives over the past ten years." He continues, "Today, we live in an 'always connected' world and demand that technology matches our fast paced life. Robots like Sanbot are able to meet that demand and provide innovative features that not only improve business efficiency, but also enhance our day-to-day lives as well." QIHAN is definitely working to create a U.S. footprint. Founded in 2006, the company quickly become a leading global CCTV surveillance equipment and solutions provider in China. QIHAN is now focusing on proprietary technology within next-gen robots and Artificial Intelligence to improve businesses and has more than 100 intellectual properties in Machine Vision Recognition, Big Data Analysis and other areas.

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