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Political Intelligence
Political Consulting & Strategy For Popular Culture Powerati and
Public Sector officials who want to access them

There is a completely new industry being built. It is being defined by massive shifts by powerful Hollywood talent agencies such as WME-Endeavor creating PACs(Political Action Committees) to United Talent Agency foregoing its annual Oscar party for a Refugee Rally. Converging with this trend surge is a disruptive surge in influential recording artist voice and action from Snoop Dogg to Cardi B and many more who are creating everything from politically-related posts and videos on Instagram, to delivering provocative music videos, to releasing bold lyrics, to vocalizing strong award show commentary and more. Major corporations from Amazon to Dreamworks are now doubling down on positioning and stance regarding new shifts in national politics.

The concerns over economic rights, balance, inclusion - no matter what one's background - in America are top of mind for everyone in today's era. Fans are deeply interested in seeing their views and voice reflected through those who represent them such as celebrated figures. Yet the actions by such figures has no master strategy behind it, extremely limited knowledge of political inner-workings, and essentially no formalized usage of insiders to help develop protective barriers while leveraging such a massive trend.

Similarly, poltical/activist operatives often seek the leverage that notables can offer, particulary for the vocal, Millennial audience, but have little or no access to the entertainment world and/or the strategies, once applied, often lack innovation.

Thus, there are major missed opportunities on all sides, and costly mis-steps. Real access, plan, and collaboration is needed now more than ever because we are witnessing the rise of a new currency – socio-political currency.

There has been no bridge between these worlds… until now.

Lnk creates innovative political strategy that drives voice and engagement as a:

  • Liaison/representative between policy makers, prominent activists, powerful associations locally, nationally, internationally consistently to represent political interests of a pop culture clientele
  • Strategist who helps further identify and develop those interests whether on the pop culture or policy/activist side
  • Connector who develops relationships and provides introductions to appropriate entities seeking to align with decision-makers from either worlds
  • Producer and identifier of events and possible sponsorships that drive the clientl goals in this space
  • Resource of weekly information, brief, tip sheets on pertinent new developments in the political/civic space and/or pertinent pop culture space so that the client is always informed of the issues, public sentiment around them, opportunities, news, right at his/her fingertips
  • Congressional briefings on Capitol Hill for Congressman Charles Rangel (standing, left. Marques Colston, seated, far right)
  • Lauren deLisa Coleman with Straight Outta Compton Executive producer Bill Strauss
  • Screenshot of Huffpost Article 'Rap,Race and Presidential Inauguration' written by Lauren deLisa Coleman
  • Screenshot of Campaign and Elections Article written by Lauren deLisa Coleman
  • Lauren deLisa Coleman with Raekwon
  • unhcr logo
  • Whether developing congressional briefings on Capitol Hill for Congressman Charles Rangel (standing, left. Marques Colston, seated, far right) on diversity & tech or working with NYC Councilman Carlos Menchaca in his fight to expand diverse media, we consistently play an insider role, have deep relationships, and provide invaluable insights, strategy, and direction.
  • Lauren deLisa Coleman with "Straight Outta Compton" Executive producer
    From POLITICO: 'STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON' PRODUCER SHARES TIPS: D.C. insiders ere privy to an intimate Q&A discussion this week with Bill Strauss, one of the executive producer's of 'Straight Outta Compton,' where they were given not only insight behind the making of the film but also tips on applying and leveraging Compton's digital success in outreach and campaigning. The event was produced by Lnk Agency and hosted by digicultural analyst and MSNBC commentator Lauren deLisa Coleman .
  • Trend Piece Analyzing Surge of Music Industry Voices on Politics
  • Article on new tech implications & campaigning
  • On site with Raekwon in Washington, DC after interview on politics, tech, hiphop
  • Previous client: research work on manner in which pop culture trends become entrenched so they could use findings to consider how to make critical refugee discussion a pop discussion.
    Extensive report created, issued, and delivered via live presentation.

The Bridge Between Policy, Advocacy, and Real People

  • Providing Access to Various Influencer Groups
  • Supplying Deep Psycho-Social Insights
  • Accelerating & Refining Messaging and Strategy
Influence Strategy
Content Development
Proprietary Research
Event Production
  • Live panel
  • Tastemaker
  • Television and digital media content
  • Predictive data models
  • >Dynamic advocacy

Special Advisor

Providing behavioral insight, resources, strategy, cultural intelligence support for the Communication Corp of the United Nations Foundation Sustainable Development Goals initiative